Seamless Experience
Enjoy a hassle-free integration with Setlary. There’s no need to change your existing payroll or HR system. Our solution functions as a simple add-on, and our dedicated team will assist with data migration to ensure a seamless experience.
Experience a smooth transition and start reaping the benefits of instant salary access and cash rebates without any disruptions to your current processes.
How to Earn Your Rebates
Our interactive interface allows you to drag across the date and instantly see the potential rebate you could earn.
Cash Rebate
Cash Rebate Calculation
Key in your payroll amount of the month

Cash Rebates Earned (RP)
0% cash rebate
Payment Extension Period
Up to
Select Payment Date
15 Jul 2024 >
Total Payment
Amount (RP)

*Up to 5% Cash Rebates
*Up to 1% Cash Rebates
*Up to 3% Cash Rebates
Overdue day for extend
*Terms & Conditions Apply.
Payment to be made on July 2024
Designed for Your Employee
Finance Wellness
Our platform allows employees to access their earned wages whenever they need, providing a safety net for unexpected expenses and emergencies. This empowerment helps employees manage their finances better, reducing stress and improving their overall well-being. A financially healthy workforce is more productive, focused, and engaged, benefiting both the employees and the organization.
Expenses Planning
Effective financial planning is key to managing day-to-day expenses and achieving long-term financial goals by accessing their wages on-demand. This flexibility helps employees avoid high-interest loans and late payment fees, allowing them to maintain a stable financial situation. Better expense planning leads to a more disciplined workforce, contributing to a positive work environment and enhanced productivity.
Higher Retention
Employee retention is crucial for the success of any organization. By offering early salary access, we help reduce financial stress and satisfied with their workplace. This increased satisfaction translates to higher retention rates, as employees are less likely to seek alternative employment when their financial needs are met promptly and efficiently.
What Employee Gets
Cash Out and
Withdrawal Fee
Employee does not need to pay any fee to withdraw their earned salary.
Days of
Salary Access
Employee enjoy early salary access base on the notice period of the employment agreement.
Not a loan.
Employee take the salary as an advance and the deduction will apply on the payroll.